Sean Goral

Sean is currently 24 years old & was a passenger in a motor vehicle accident in June, 2013. The accident broke 6 of his cervical vertebrae causing him to have C5 quadriplegia.

Before Sean’s accident he loved to skateboard, surf, run and enjoy the outdoors in general. This injury has taken away a lot of his basic mobility and independence.

The Wheels With Wings foundation has helped Sean by giving a quality of life grant which he used for an exercise based therapy program that is not covered by insurance.

This grant meant a lot to Sean because it enabled him to do aggressive therapy that helped strengthen muscle groups that are needed for him to become more independent doing basic daily tasks & also helped build & improve self confidence.

“I truly miss so many simple things that the average person takes for granted everyday. I miss getting out of bed easily, grabbing a shower on my own, or jumping in my car for a nice drive. Wheels with Wings has helped me tremendously! I appreciate everything that the Wheels with Wings Foundation has done for me.
Thank you!”

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