A specialized recovery center is coming to Buffalo, NY bringing hope for people with spinal cord injury and neurological movement conditions.

Coming soon: A unique athletic rehabilitation center built from first-hand experience.  Movement disorders require specialized care for both patients and their families. A personalized blend of physical therapy, education, equipment solutions and coordination are needed for progress to be made. 


At Motion Project, we know movement makes a difference. Who better to navigate a course of continuous progress than someone who has been through it all? Our Founder and Executive Director is a spinal cord injury survivor.  Patients and their families receive support to recover or maintain motion. And together, we move.

Follow our journey here as we progress toward our full site (coming soon), and a grand opening soon.


Back To Your Life

Motion Project pushes patients to their physical potential and redefines recovery from an emotional, spiritual and social approach. With programming specifically tailored to help navigate everyday life, patients build more than muscle here - they build relationships and life skills.


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Buffalo, NY

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