Motion Project Foundation thanks our sponsors, golfers, and volunteers that participated in our Fourth Annual Charity Golf Tournament.

This was a very successful event. Even though it was the hottest day of the summer, everyone had a great time.

With your support, Motion Project Foundation raised $20,000 to support the programs of the foundation to assist those with a spinal cord injury to receive grants for items often not covered by other means and to be able to receive the specialized rehabilitation offered at Motion Project Center.

Motion Project

The Natalie Barnhard Center
for Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation and Recovery

Your support of this project
is greatly apprecieated.


Motion Project Foundation was developed to assist individuals who suffered a spinal cord injury and their families to put recovery in motion, rise above from the catastrophic injury and improve their overall health.

We provide funding for medical equipment, home or vehicle modifications, intense therapy rehabilitation, advocacy, or other services and activities to improve lives of individuals with a spinal cord injury and show there is hope after tragedy. We know firsthand how difficult this injury is and aspire to make the recovery process easier by providing financial assistance, encouragement, hope, and now with the opening of the Natalie Barnhard Center for Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation and Recovery, we are going to be so much more.

Thank You To Our Sponsors!

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Thanks to the grant received from Wheels With Wings, I get to keep my legs moving with my new FES Bike! I have more energy, my spasms are less frequent, and my transfers are easier. It’s an amazing feeling!

Nicole Antil

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