Justin Lake

As Justin was sitting in a parked car in Tobago, a drunk driver ran off the road and hit the back of the car where he was sitting at about 80 mph. The impact broke his C5, C6, C7, T1 & T3 vertebrae.

Since his accident happened out of country, Justin was unable to receive compensation like he would have if he was in the United States.

Wheels With Wings awarded Justin with a Quality of Life Grant to participate in an intense specialized therapy program in Atlanta, Georgia.

“This donation was a huge blessing to my family and myself which has allowed me to participate in months of specialized exercise programs for spinal cord rehabilitation. I have gotten much stronger and healthier because of the Wheels with Wings Foundation, enabling me to financially participate in an advanced recovery program. My family and I are forever grateful for your generosity and huge hearts that have helped me improve the quality of my life. May God bless all your future endeavors.”


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