Breezy Barkley

Just two months after Breezy’s 23rd birthday she was the passenger in a minor car accident that dislocated her neck which left her a quadriplegic requiring a neck fusion from c/5-c/7.

Breezy was very active in physical fitness prior to her injury. That athletic drive motivated her to work very hard with PT and OT & she continued to improve, gaining the ability to walk with the assistance of a walker, crutches & transitioning to canes.

Unfortunately, after leaving therapy one day, she was a passenger in a second auto accident that set her back to being in a wheelchair. Since then she has been fighting again to get back on her feet, ditch the wheelchair, progress to a walker, crutches & canes full time, furthering independence and mobility in order to return to school..

Wheels With Wings decided to help Breezy get back on her feet by giving her a grant to do intense specialized therapy in Atlanta, Georgia.

“Because of Natalie’s huge heart and vision to start a foundation to help others recovering from a spinal cord injury, I am honored to be a recipient. I am excited to get back into therapy and make anyone who has volunteered, donated or in any way helped to make the Wheels with Wings Foundation possible, proud of me and proud of what this organization can do for others with a spinal cord injury. Thank you to everyone who has made this
opportunity possible.”

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